Venue Selection

Venue recommendations based on the client’s brief.

  • Sunset Wedding: wedding on a well-known Santorini Sunset will convince your guests how magical the waters of the Aegean sea truly are.
  • All Inclusive Venues: elegant locations with breathtaking views of the beautiful Aegean sea. Getting married at a villa means you can  create your dream wedding and make the experience unique for you and your guests, by holding both the ceremony and reception in the same area. You choose a space whose size is appropriate for the number of friends and family you will celebrate with, creating a sense of intimacy with your loved ones.
  • Traditional winery: experience the flavors of Santorini in a traditional winery in the breathtaking caldera, providing a beautiful backdrop for your intimate wedding celebration.
  • Boat Wedding: a great reason to get married on a boat, is not only that it is adventurous, but also that you can have an intimate ceremony with a view, and best of all, your guests can not leave early (unless they decide to swim to shore!).
  • Chapel: Santorini has numerous chapels to offer; depending on your preference and location, we can help you choose an idyllic chapel for your wedding day.

Feel free to request our full list of Santorini Wedding Venues, based on minimum number of attendants required, and the overall comfort level for your event.

Additional services

  • Photography/Videography
  • Catering and Drinks
  • Music, lighting and entertainment
  • Furniture rentals
  • Pre/Post Wedding Events, including boat cruises and group activities
  • Preparation of Legal documentation