Benefits of a Wedding Planner in Santorini

Picture your wedding day on the beautiful island of Santorini.  The breeze from the Aegean Sea is moving pieces of your hair and the warmth of the sun caressing your skin? 

Santorini as a destination wedding location is becoming increasingly popular with couples all over the world, especially for those couples that want to combine travel with their special day.

The question in hand is whether you should go for a wedding planner in Santorini. If you are not familiar with local area or what is on offer, the answer is definitely a yes.

Given the size and vast options available in Santorini, it can be stressful, time consuming trying to properly organize the details of the most important day of your lives, in a far away place, on your own.

A wedding planner is able to make your wedding vision come true. For example, how about having a wedding reception with a breathtaking view of Santorini and experiencing the lovely sunset, or your wedding ceremony at Sunset with the sound and smell of the Aegean Sea right on your feet. Like we say, the possibilities are endless.

Local wedding planners like us speak Greek and are in contact with best local vendors, we are aware of all the local rules and we know exactly how to get things done. This saves you time and you can gain advantage of our insider knowledge since we are from Santorini and will provide you with the appropriate information that you need.

A wedding planner’s primary focus is to make your wedding day successful, special and memorable. 

A bride should wake up in the morning, have breakfast with her parents & bridesmaids and just take it easy. Brides shouldn’t be responsible for running last minute errands, finding the flower girl’s dress, or organizing the setup of the food tables. This is where the wedding planner in Santorini comes in. 

A wedding planner can also organise group excursions/activities for your guests, whether this is a bus tour around the main attractions or a party at one of the beach bars of Santorini.

Remember to enjoy the journey and cherish lovely moments during your special wedding day, with unforgettable memories and experiences.

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